About Us

Welcome to our games site! Here, you will find games of all sorts for kids of all ages. We are happy to be one of the main kids games sites on the web, so we are really glad you came by to learn more about us.

We are a new site, so we are just getting started in building out repertoire of games. But we feel that once we get rolling, things are you going to be great, and we will have lots of educational and fun opportunities for kids of all backgrounds.

Below, we’ve listed the different areas of our site. You will find an area devoted to the types of games we offer, and you also find a few places where parents can go to learn more about what we are planning for the site and kids education in general.

Games for kids of all ages

All ages of children are different, and we fully understand that more than a lot of people because we have kids of our own. The four people who created this site are all parents of kids who are at quite different ages. We wanted to create different parts of this site for different ages of children so that they could all have a place to come together to play games that are educational and those that help them learn better in school and in life.

The games range from puzzles and challenges to quest and avatar games. In our puzzle games section, the puzzle games are often similar to crosswords or word searches, but we also have a number of word challenges and grammar games. You may not think that a grammar game could be very fun, but we feel we’ve made it as fun as can be, and our grammar games are some of our most popular as well.

In our quest and challenge games section, we have a lot of opportunities for older children. You can create an avatar and go on adventures with them while you solve word problems and learn about history.

Finally, we have an entire section devoted to sports games. We know that these are some of the most popular games on our site because they get some of the biggest numbers each day. We have basketball, soccer, baseball and football games to choose from, and we are thinking about adding hockey and golf to the mix as well. But that will be coming later.

Sections for adults

Adults who visit the site are parents who have logged their children in and created an account for themselves as well. The section for adults is dedicated to keeping parents up to date about what’s going on on our site. We have a blog where you can read about the updates on the site or new releases of games, and we also have a forums section where you can discuss topics with other parents.

We are really proud of the site we created, and we hope you like what you find here. Come back to visit us often.